New Pigbag Line-Up photo

Chris Lee has uploaded a couple of photos of the new Pigbag line up to the Pigbag Facebook page.

Clockwise from top right: Mark “Miff” Smith, Jessica Lauren, Godwin Awala, Ed Riches, Kofi Adu, Chris Lee, Annie Whitehead,¬†Ollie Moore


Bristol gig for new Pigbag – Fri 8th April – UPDATE: Postponed


Pigbag at The Jazz Cafe 26th March 2011


  1. Joe

    I am looking for a DVD or video release of Pigbag concert. Is this avaiable anywhere?

  2. Hi Joe, as far as I know, no video of Pigbag has ever been released. I know that some footage was being considered for DVD release a few years ago but nothing ever came of it.

  3. Chris

    Hi Joe
    Sorry there has not been a release. James made a video for the ‘Papa’ remix which is on you tube as well some numbers from the jazz cafe.

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