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Fri 23rd February 2007 – BAM Brooklyn Next Festival: Angela Jaeger and Bryon Coley

My apologies for the short notice but I just got this:

Angela Jaeger and Byron Coley: NOUVELLE VAGUE…JAMAIS!

Angela Jaeger and Byron Coley met at Hampshire College in 1977. Both flush with excitement from the incipient punk movement, Jaeger’s trajectory carried her through a series of musical groups in both New York and London (Stare Kits, Drowning Craze, Pigbag etc.), Coley’s into a world of underground journalism (NY Rocker, Forced Exposure, Arthur).

Tonight they summon the spirit of the period through records, eyewitness testimony and memoirs. Angela will read from her extensive punk diaries, which are currently being shaped into book form; Byron will read from The Moisture of Diapers, a bilingual collection due soon from Montreal’s l’Oie de Cravan. The records they play will not be chosen by committee!

8:00 p.m.; $10

If anyone makes it to the show, please let me know how it goes/went. And good to hear that Angela’s diaries may well turn into a book.

Pigbag doing “Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag” on Top Of The Pops in 1982

Found on YouTube, Pigbag miming along to their hit single from 1982.

<No longer available>

Instinct Radio 1 Session available

I’ve finally uploaded the 3 Instinct tracks from their Radio 1 Janice Long session. The MP3 files can be found on the Instinct page.

Dixon Coulbourn

My friend and creator of The Pop Group website, Dixon Coulbourn died on 31st July 2005. Dixon shared my enthusiasm for the Bristol music scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s and we kept in touch with news etc. We met a couple of times when he ventured over to the UK and got on well.

As well as his interest in The Pop Group, Dixon was well-known in his native Austin, Texas for his Idle Time fanzine of the early 80’s Austin punk scene. He will be greatly missed

Added “Seven Piggies”

I recently purchased “Seven Piggies” from someone on Ebay. I’ve added it to the Discography with scans of the covers and disc.

Added more history, pictures and interview

Mike Chandler sent me some more background on a couple of pre-Pigbag bands, and I’ve finally got around to incorporating it.

I’ve put up the text of an interview with Simon of Pigbag, from the May 1982 issue of The Face (which featured Pigbag on the cover. From the same interview I’ve added a few photos to the Cuttings page.

Recently found a copy of the sheet music for Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag on Ebay.

“Sunny Day” on Rough Trade Shops Compilation

Pigbag’s second single, “Sunny Day“, is featured on a new Rough Trade Shops compilation, Post Punk Vol.1. The double CD also features tracks by The Slits and The Pop Group, as well as Maximum Joy, Young Marble Giants, Fats Comet, 23 Skidoo, James White & The Contortions and The Raincoats.

Pigbag sampled on Fabric Live 09: Jacques Lu Cont

A sample from “Hit The ‘O’ Deck” is used towards the end of the Chicken Lips track, “Steppin'” on the recently released album above. The vocal samples (“Step around this wall of sound” and “My Mind Goes Pit-Patter, Music Matters”) are on the original track rather than having been mixed in by Jacques.

Updated History

David Jary sent me some information about Roger Freeman and Chris Hamlin, which has been added to the History and After Pigbag sections

Instinct Section Added

I’ve added an Instinct section including some press photos I have of the band. I have some other Instinct stuff to add and will sort that out shortly.

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