My apologies for the short notice but I just got this:

Angela Jaeger and Byron Coley: NOUVELLE VAGUE…JAMAIS!

Angela Jaeger and Byron Coley met at Hampshire College in 1977. Both flush with excitement from the incipient punk movement, Jaeger’s trajectory carried her through a series of musical groups in both New York and London (Stare Kits, Drowning Craze, Pigbag etc.), Coley’s into a world of underground journalism (NY Rocker, Forced Exposure, Arthur).

Tonight they summon the spirit of the period through records, eyewitness testimony and memoirs. Angela will read from her extensive punk diaries, which are currently being shaped into book form; Byron will read from The Moisture of Diapers, a bilingual collection due soon from Montreal’s l’Oie de Cravan. The records they play will not be chosen by committee!

8:00 p.m.; $10

If anyone makes it to the show, please let me know how it goes/went. And good to hear that Angela’s diaries may well turn into a book.