Month: September 2010

No Pigbag reunion for 2010

I’ve just heard from Brian Nevill that there won’t be a Pigbag reunion this year after all.
We’ll have to console ourselves with the excellent re-issue CD/downloads.

And there’s always the prospect that the reunion may happen next year.

We live in hope!

ZTT Instinct page

The ZTT label's page about Instinct

ZTT's Instinct page

After 25 years of pretty much ignoring the fact that Instinct ever existed, ZTT finally have a web page for the band –

It’s just the text from the “Value of Entertainment” programme, complete with a misspelling of James’ surname, but it’s a start.

Now if ZTT could dig through their archives and unearth some/any of the Instinct material while they are compiling their excellent “Element” series of re-issues, I’d be even happier.

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