Added more history, pictures and interview

Mike Chandler sent me some more background on a couple of pre-Pigbag bands, and I’ve finally got around to incorporating it.

I’ve put up the text of an interview with Simon of Pigbag, from the May 1982 issue of The Face (which featured Pigbag on the cover. From the same interview I’ve added a few photos to the Cuttings page.

Recently found a copy of the sheet music for Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag on Ebay.


“Sunny Day” on Rough Trade Shops Compilation


Added “Seven Piggies”


  1. Thanks for posting those links, Wolfgang.
    They’re great pictures. There doesn’t seem to be many photos of the band playing live on the web.
    Thanks again!

  2. Fred Haan

    By any change do you have the sheet music. We want to play it with our band.

  3. Greg

    I’d like to find the sheet music too. Any chance of a scan?

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