Pigbag at The Jazz Cafe 26th March 2011

Here’s a video from YouTube of the new band doing “Papa’s…”

The same person has a few other vids from the night:

I’ll try to write some more about the gig, but it was good to meet Ollie and Chris afterwards, as well as former Pigbaggers Jim and Chip who were in the audience. The band played three old Pigbag songs, Papa’s…, Sunny Day and Brazil Nuts as well as quite a few new songs.


New Pigbag Line-Up photo


Pigbag to play Amsterdam & Birmingham


  1. john

    as there seems to be no original members of pigbag when these songs were conceived they might as well called themselves the rolling stones or the beatles there was a total lack of energy and originality and it must of been a bit embarrassing. yet another money making exercise on the back of someone else. Good luck

  2. You are entitled to your opinion, and I already responded to your previous comment.

    I’d be interested who you think would need to be in the band to justify it being called Pigbag.

  3. viv

    John are you refering to the Jazz Cafe gig, because original members have been very involved in this project and believe me if you think big money was the reason for these gigs then you are ill informed and ignorant of day to day life for the magority of musicians.All the current members (that includes three of the original members – Chris, Ollie and Kofi plus James co-writing some of the new tunes)are very experienced, creative and hard working musicians.

  4. Chris

    John you’re either a troll or misinformed. In the 80’s Chris H, Chip and Roger started with us but then left the band, while Kofi, Oscar, Brian and Angela joined to replace them. Four people (Chris L, Ollie, James, Simon) were in it the whole time. This new line up is Chris L, Ollie and James has played a big part in writing the new material. Add to that Kofi’s involvement and Mark was our very first bass player in Cheltenham. So, what more do you want? Some bands get back together after a few years but the gap in our case was 28 years. Things are bound to be bit different after that length of time.

  5. Chris

    As for the suggestion that this is a money making exercise – that is laughable given the pittance that musicians are usually paid, unless they are big stars. While wages have been going up for most jobs over the last 20 years, I still regularly play gigs for £30. Even if we get a record out we’re not going to be able to live off it, unless it goes ballistic, which is unlikely. The music business (like banks and other industries) is not set up as a level playing field. It is set up to make some people very rich and have some people struggle.

  6. Chris

    And finally – re the jazz cafe gig. For a first gig I thought it was really good. There are some things we need to improve on but I dont think it was lacking in energy. We played for 90 mins and I think in hindsight we should have kept things a bit shorter and snappier, but apart from that… Well you cant please all of the people all of the time…

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