Another unreleased Instinct track on Art of 12″ ZTT compilation

Following the inclusion of “Sleepwalking” on the last Art of the 12 Inch compilation, ZTT are to unleash Instinct’s previously unreleased “Swamp Down’ (12” Mix)” on a second volume, imaginatively entitled “Art of the 12 Inch Volume 2”.

The CD is out on 20th February 2012, a full track listing can be found at the bottom of this Holy Moly posting.


Amsterdam Paradiso gig re-arranged – 15th October 2011


Sneak Preview of new Pigbag tracks

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve been busy trying to start a Facebook campaign to get the Instinct ZTT material released either physically or online. Might be worth getting people to take a look and get a discussion going. 🙂

    Incidentally I’m playing the 6 minute version of ‘Papa’s…’ on my community radio show on Peterborough FM on 30 June – an absolute classic!


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