Another Pigbag gig announced – Fri 18th March

The newly re-born Pigbag have announced another gig through their Facebook page.

This one will be just over a week before the previously announced London gig, so unless otherwise announced, will be their first gig since Portsmouth in 1983.

The gig will be at the Exeter Phoenix on Friday 18th March 2011. Tickets available from

** UPDATE: This gig was cancelled **


New Instinct release!


Bristol gig for new Pigbag – Fri 8th April – UPDATE: Postponed


  1. fiderler

    As there are no founder members when Pigbag were conceived is it right to call themselves pigbag they might as well called themselves the beatles or the rolling stone

  2. Chris and Ollie both played on everything Pigbag recorded, as far as I know, Mark Smith was around in the very early days too although not an official band member, and Kofi joined in 1982 so I don’t see a problem with the reformed band calling themselves Pigbag.

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