Re-Issues delayed – Updated

The re-issue of the Pigbag albums has been delayed, with the Fire Records site now giving 13th September 2010 as the new release date, rather than 12th July as previously scheduled.

A little disappointing that they’ve been delayed but maybe they’re being held back to coincide with the reunited Pigbag gigs?

Update: 22nd July 2010 – I got an email from Amazon yesterday saying that Vol. 2 has been dispatched and that Vol.1 is being prepared so I guess the delay was less than they thought. Even more strangely, the Fire Records site now says 11th October for release!

Update: 26nd July 2010 – I’ve received both Vol.1 and Vol.2 now and they’re available in good records shops or online. And they’re every bit as good as expected!


New “Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag” Extra Vuvuzelas remix on Youtube


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  1. Rod Waterman

    I just bought both volumes of this at Newbury Comics in Boston on Saturday. Very exciting.

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