Pigbag albums to be re-issued

]heckle-frontLend An Ear front cover

Pigbag have signed a deal with Fire Records to have their two studio albums, “Dr Heckle and Mr Jive” and “Lend An Ear“, re-issued.

Dr Heckle and Mr Jive” was re-issued once on CD in 2000, but has become increasingly difficult to get hold of. For a while the tracks were available on iTunes, but have disappeared in the last few months.

Lend An Ear” hasn’t been officially re-issued since it was released on LP and cassette in 1983, so it will be great to have a clean digital copy after almost 27 years! (There is a Japanese CD available through Ebay and a few other sources, but that release wasn’t approved by the band and is probably a bootleg as far as I know).

The new re-issues are likely to be early in 2010, more details of what and when as I get them.

My thanks to Jim for the news.


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  1. Joachim

    I like pibag very much and I’m looking to the live album from Berlin because I was there and it was really enjoying. I did own this LP but I need it on CD because I don’t have a longplayer anymore.


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